Working with Jeanne was very enjoyable and she was quite sharp. A pleasure.
I even tried to convince her to come work for me full time !

Renaud Seligmann • Co-founder of the enterprise 'Social Bar'

I love my job, I wouldn’t be satisfied if I gave it anything less than my very best. There are two fields I am the most qualified in : Social Sciences and Literature. I like to take the time to understand fully what a concept means, what its implications are and how it could affect other concepts or ideas further on before I tackle it. I love to turn an extended metaphor on its head, make sure I stretch it to its full extent and ensure my translation will nurture images rather than flatten them.

I also l like a bit of a different challenge once in a while, as well as keeping my other translating skills sharp, so I don’t shy away from any other type of work. For instance, I often do some captioning and subtitling along my translation projects, whether on official job contracts or on more personal fronts, like helping a friend caption and translate their movie for it to be accessible to a wider audience. I'm also a regular contributor for the Language Publication Concordes Magazines.

156 jobs
and customers always satisfied
4 years
of freelance experience
8 regular
collaborators who trust my skills
1 movie
shown internationally
thanks to my translations